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Thank you for visiting my website.  I am passionate and active in bringing knowledge and healing to individuals and groups.  Uniquely working with both the mind-body and bridging the artificial divide between the body and the mind.

I host work-shops offering the following:

  • Pain reduction talks and experiential groups
  • Mind-body weight loss
  • Group smoke cessation
  • Relaxation / Breathing:
    • guided imagery
    • self-hypnosis
    • coping with stress
    • turn off stress, turn on relaxation
    • progressive relaxation
    • breathing for better healt
  • Spiritual / Mindfulness:
    • practicing non-judgment
    • zen and vipassana  (silent, mindfulness) meditation
    • spiritual autolysis (knowing who you truly are)
  • Healing yourself and loved ones:
    • understanding and working with feelings
    • trauma release
    • the root causes of pain
    • trapped emotions and trauma
    • systemic inflammation
    • learning myofascial unwinding
    • the mind-body connection
    • improving mood and anxiety holistically
    • using art as therapy
  • Abundance and manifesting your dreams

I sometimes take a group of people on nature therapy (forest therapy) walks.

I am also a professional speaker delivering keynotes relating to Mind-Body Medicine including many of the topics listed above.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!


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What others are saying about my workshops:

Ethan was great and I learned more about wellness and breathing exercises that everyone can practice.

I like being introduced to different health and wellness techniques. The self-hypnosis was interesting. I felt relaxed after the session.

Whenever I can, I try to make it to group meditation sessions with Ethan.

Appreciated the info about what hypnosis really is.

I am grateful for learning that my subconscious mind and body use feelings to communicate.

Loved both of the workshops by Ethan Wise and Linda Eagle Speaker and Donna LaChapelle. Both presented exercises that were accessible for everyone and I found them useful.

Information was useful and felt like I could take a few things away and use them.

I now know what I can do to lower my pain and feel empowered because of it!

Like Dr. Sarno and Dr. (forgot his name) [Lowen], Ethan has shown me that subconscious beliefs and hidden tension in my mind can be directly linked to my pain.

I never knew how trauma was a part of my life story, thanks to this workshop I have much more awareness now and with my awareness i am able to understand myself better

Loved learning the stress release exercises.

I need to integrate deep breathing in my every day life, thank you for showing me the importance of breathing.

My body doesn’t use words, now I feel like i can understand my body better because I learned about the secret language of feelings thanks to Ethan.

Exploring the mind-body connection fascinates me, mind/body, body/mind and mind+body and I agree that we are a whole system made up of mind, body and spirit.

Please setup another QiGong session.