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Is hypnosis compatible with Christianity?

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Is hypnosis supported with research?


How can I learn hypnosis?

All my clients learn multiple approaches that allow them to induce hypnosis. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.
If you desire to learn how to become a hypnotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, medical hypnotist, or lay hypnotist consult these hypnosis professional resources (click here)

Can I be hypnotized?

99.5% of healthy humans can be hypnotized because hypnosis is a very natural and normal state of mind that we all experience daily.

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How can I pick the right hypnotist or hypnotherapist for me?

  • Find someone with many years of experience (years of practice in the field give the hypnotist a lot of training that no schooling can offer).
  • Look at how much “hypnosis” education they have (this is important, medical professionals, even psychotherapists and psychologists are not necessarily taught enough hypnosis).
  • Look at how much “psychological” education they have. While hypnosis is very potent, it is important to understand the human mind and have the skill to navigate ab-reactions and any array of other issues the client might bring up during a session, this amount of skill often requires graduate school education or many years in the field as a mental health professional.
  • Ask about their philosophical orientation or theory behind their practice.
  • Ask for a phone consult, then go for an initial session so you can get to meet them and experience their style. Depending on your issue, ask about their approach and experience.
  • Keep in mind, in most US states hypnotists can be lay people and they can be healthcare professionals (psychotherapists, mental health counselors, social workers, nurses, physicians and psychologists). A good hypnotist is a good hypnotists, lay or healthcare professional.  Many medical doctors or even psychologists who might offer hypnosis might not have had enough training in this approach.
  • Find someone that specializes in hypnosis, so that you know it is their passion and specialty.